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Greek mythology: Hades wants to seduce the young nymph Minthe. His wife Persephone isn’t best pleased and turns Minthe into mint. Bad luck for Hades, good news for tea. Now it’s mint which is doing the seducing.

Everywhere you go, the world tastes a bit different. Lebensbaum buyers know this. Brimming with wanderlust, they search far and wide for the best ingredients. And for food for thought. As with tea.


20 x 1,5 g

Tea Bag in Envelope


Water temperature

100 °C

Steeping Time

8 min

Mint, Mint & Mint Organic Herbal Tea Lebensbaum
Wanderlust Mint, Mint & Mint Organic Herbal Tea Lebensbaum

Discover the ingredients

  * from organic agriculture
** from biodynamic agriculture
Nana Mint
Apple Mint
Weiße Melisse
White Balm

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